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3 Keys To Killer Blues Rock Phrasing – Guitar Lesson – Tips and Tricks To Awesome Blues Solos

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  1. Papastache in a blues progression=Ablues, say you play Dm pentatonic over D and Em pentatonic over E or say major pentatonic, is that a totally wrong approach or some form of modal angle.

  2. Great, great lessons, you and Marty are really the best for lessons, greatly explained and performed. Thanks a lot, papa

  3. my dad brought me here. .you have teached him all pinkfloyds stuff…ten years later i finally pick the guiter up…i have freestyled all my life…i cant play .but i can match the tone…and just play along…i allso have learnin difficulties….so this is hard as hell papa !! i came to you due to my old man….but dayum….i give u guys massive respect….i cant even keep up….and all i can do is a d chord !! thanks brother….hopefully within a few months u would have made me a star !! subbed and keep up the great work brother….????

  4. Great teacher, great lesson as always. Thanks man!

  5. This guy is by far the most personable and casually knowledgeable guitar teacher I've seen yet on YT. Simple, clear, and obviously enjoying himself. I always learn something from his videos.

  6. This is the FIRST thing I have ever subscribed to on YouTube.

  7. Sometimes when you see something you've seen for YEARS in a different or new way, it changes EVERYTHING. The CAGED system (u already know it if you know) –
    1. OPEN GHORDS (G open A open E open etc…)
    2. THAT: ALL open chords are "barre chords" (NOT JUST "E" and "A" (you just have to put a LITTLE more effort into them)
    3. The notes in those silly open chords translate into "where the notes are" regarding soloing / "singlenote" playing
    (I HATE the term "Lead Guitar"'and calling single note lines "LEADS" – SOOO white trash / middle America ignorant sounding.

  8. LISTEN to this guy – he "GETS IT" I am so impressed with him I wish I saw this 20 years ago. It took me SOO long to see a lot of the stuff he is sharing. This guy is a FIND. I would love to go have a beer with him kind of guy.

  9. Yes he's a 20 / 20 kick ass sense of humor AND the CAGED thing is SO important-allows you to visualize where the notes and chords and scales etc are on the d fretboard.

  10. Some excellent phrasing out of those chord shapes.

  11. Bit confusing, when you said you were playing the E minor shape at the 5th fret it looked like you were playing an E major shape. You need to say you're not fretting with your second finger.

  12. great lesson! from a great teacher

  13. Awesome lesson here!! Visualizing the chords really helped a lot … Ok, not new in general, but there are certain times this helps to focus on the music and the motion. cheers man, appreciate your Style and channels

  14. Very good Thank you

  15. Please do "Might as well get stoned – Chris Stapleton" That would be really awesome!!

  16. Holy Moly…Loved your whole series of melodic lessons and the way you've put them together. You're right on the money with this one. Each time I watch it I see more of what you're talking about. Neck U-N-L-O-C-K 🙂 Top teaching Papa

  17. Love your videos papa , keep up the great work really appreciate it.

  18. i've been coming back to your channel for the hendrix lessons, finally subbed now keep it man!

  19. Damn! Just had an "Aha!" moment at seeing chord shapes in the scales. I've been playing for 20 years and now it all makes sense! Thanks! I must have missed that lesson somewhere.

  20. So what you're saying is that, for example with a single position/box of the pentatonic scale, you can hit any chord progression by know the three shapes (a shape, e shape, dm shape)? Trying so hard to catch on to this, have watched a couple videos of yours on this and hasn't clicked yet. You're stumping an engineer lol

  21. Mr. Papastache, that was an awesome lesson?

  22. Can you do more Hendrix techniques?

  23. 'Stache, you're da man!  You just cleared up all the phrasing issues I was having.  Thanks dude!  I just subscribed to your channel.

  24. Awesome, putting your channel on the top shelf!!

  25. Shit ! The EXACT thing I was searching for the 5 or 6 last years !! Thank you soooo much man, your videos are AWESOME, it opened my world ! Keep going like this. Papastache the world legend, even here in France (yeah I'm french ;))

  26. This dropped into my YT recommendation with perfect timing as I have just started matching up major and minor pentatonics with the chords and their arpeggios. It's reeeaaaally useful. Great video

  27. Sorry man… Too much Latino porn…
    but hay your approach to teaching is awesome dude!!!

  28. Exactly what I needed to break out of my slump. Look out world! Thanks!

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