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3 Surprising Ways to Clean Your Acoustic Guitar [Tips & Tricks]

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. When cleaning an acoustic/electric guitar, wouldn't it be a good idea to completely cover and seal the soundhole to prevent steel wool bits and pieces from getting into the body of the guitar?

  2. Hello everyone ! How do u clean an unfinished body ? I better not use products for finished bodies, but I don"t know how to treat her the best aha

  3. Nice video. Thx.Too bad about the pinky. May be you can slideplay with it. ÷D

  4. You should only use 0000 steel wool. It's what gunsmiths use to take rust off of firearm barrels without marring the finish. The same applies to fretboards and frets. Gun barrels take a bit more training, practice and penetrating oil…

  5. Is there any replacement for lemon oil ?

  6. Looks like Tony was a little careless with that razor blade.

  7. razor blades, steel wool, water…not for me..not good advice…

  8. I have orange oil will that work as well as lemon oil? Also whats your thoughts on using a little beezwax on the fingerboard to make it smooth and shiny once its buffed up? I would think the wax would be good protection right? Also whats your thoughts on using a water based stain to revive faded rosewood and ebony finger boards? Lastly can you use a metal polish on the frets if you cover all the wood parts with painters tape? Sorry for all the questions cheers

  9. I use a credit card size plastic card to scrap the fretboard to get the built-up grime and DNA off. Strong enough to scrape but not scratch.

  10. I just use Serbian national bewerege called Rakija to clean my guitar xDDDD


  12. It's justa a bad idea to use razor blade and steel wool on your guitar. Just use a piece of cloth and a little bit of water, or some soft tootbrush if the fretboard is really dirty. You don't want to remove fretboard material or sand down the frets.

  13. wondering if you've made a video on cleaning the inside of a guitar

  14. Your left hand finger nails are clipped, your right hand finger nails are not clipped. PLAY GUITAR!

  15. in a pinch, can you use beard instead of steel wool?

  16. Exceptional explanation! Perfect video

  17. So I have a Martin DRS-1 that has the Richlite fingerboard, which is resin and paper, and the body is satin finish. Would you still recommend cleaning the fingerboard the same way as one made of wood?

  18. il stick with martins recommendations

  19. wow wow wow,your first step is unsound,/stupid

  20. take it to a quarter car wash . make sure you spray wax it also !

  21. Toney, did you open your own shop? or you just making vids?

  22. .. isnt it bad for the neck to remove all the strings from the guitar?? to remove a 150 pounds from the neck and reintroduce it?

  23. I always like seeing all new different tips for me to clean my guitars always doing it 🙂

  24. doesn't the guitar lose the tension when you remove all the strings at once? I have an ovation classical guitar and a Segovia steel string and they both have some serious DNA build up on them. never tried the razor b4 and will try it. but im concerned about removing all the strings all at once. when I replace strings, I usually do one by one on either guitar.

  25. Good tips bro, and props on the beard for sure.

    Haven't changed my strings in years on my Seagull, still sounds good but I suddenly got the urge to change them and maybe the saddle too, so I am going to follow through with some of your tips while I am at it.

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