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3 Tips For Dreamy Guitar Playing

Turn basic chord progressions into Dreamy Guitar Playing. Develop unresolved elements and mysterious rhythmic patterns to create expansive and surreal sounds.

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. Very good vid as always. One thing that really separates you from the pack is when you put whatever licks or lesson in context by playing compositions at the end of the video using those licks and ideas. It's one thing to teach a lick but it opens up so much more when you demo how to insert these licks/ideas in actual music. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I love this lesson and demo at the end that is brilliant

  3. Any artist to listen to?

  4. subbed. You might even get me to break out the old guitar. 🙂

  5. just wanted to point out that lydian is a mode, not a tonality.

  6. I love the dorian mode. It can sound so nautical and takes my mind to another place.

  7. Use this people:

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    E – |
    A – |
    D – |
    G – |
    B – | 0
    e – | 0

    Dreamy chord shape . Best used frets 6- 22+

  8. when i want to play dreamy music, i usually just have a shot of Nyquil and then follow up with a beer. then kinda miander with some sus2 chords and major 7th….then i pass out. seriously though great video

  9. Or you could break out your stack of Pink Floyd records and let David Gilmour show you how it's done!

  10. instructions not clear . rolled over onto my guitar whilst dreaming and snapped the neck in 2

  11. Thanks for another great video man!

  12. I thought this video would be about how to play the guitar while asleep. ?

  13. I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would definitely pay to learn that.

  14. In my opinion this lesson is particularly interesting! Would be really nice if you talked about writing songs also in alternative tunings!

  15. Chords with a major seven , lowering guitar tone and using reverb will always sound dreamy

  16. where can I hear your musac

  17. _add9, and _M9 chords are always washy sounding

  18. I think, in my opinion at least, the band with the dreamiest guitar sounds is Slowdive.
    Lots of pedals though.

  19. Another great video. Thank you, Tyler!

  20. Can you put the chord diagrams up when you talk about each chord because it's hard to see which of your fingers are on which strings

  21. Delay and Chorus, not over done, but delay at a 3 and Chorus at maybe 2-4, it gives this liquidy, soft, smooth sound.

  22. Yea, I'm loving your channel! Even though I am a guitar player who sucks lolol. Great work man.

  23. my definition of "dreamy" guitar is slightly different than what i saw in the video, so here is my input:

    1) calibrate your tuner to 432 hZ. There are plenty of videos on youtube explaining why 432hZ sounds more pleasing to the ear than 440, check them out.
    2) use a heavy amount of spring/hall reverb.
    3) use a few of the "dreamy" chords or bossa nova/jazz chords and experiment by using a capo.
    4) if you want a really nice lush sound, use a stereo chorus with the rate very very low and the depth as high as it goes. If you have a stereo analogue delay I would recommend using it with the mix all the way up with a slapback and a lot of repeats. When i think "dreamy" I usually think of lofi music created on tape with natural tape wobble and echo, so if you really want an amazing dreamy sound try using a strymon deco or Roland RE-201. I've never used one of these (too expensive for my taste) but have heard great things about replicating a reel-to-reel sound with the deco. Using low output single coils or p-90's with a high-quality clean tube amp (Fender or Vox are usually the ideals) will definitely help with that washed out, cloud-like sound, but humbuckers will work for this as well. hope i could help someone out at least a little, great video!

  24. Another great lesson as usual.

  25. awesome video ! Is that a new prs ? looks and sounds good !

  26. amazing as always, really useful.. thank you so much!!!

  27. I would really enjoy if you would make occasional videos of songs that you make, or just you soloing over a track for a longer time than the usual "end of video" solos. Bc you're a sick player

  28. Another new guitar huh? 🙂

  29. The person that comes to mind is Derek Trucks

  30. Suspended chords help! Also, doubling with an acoustic/piezo track helps.

    Check out The Count of Tuscany from Dream Theater. That's the definition of dreamy guitar playing.

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