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3 Tips To Improve Your Soloing Today – Guitar Lesson – Simple Tricks For Any Level

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. 9:09 one of my favorite examples of that technique is in the solo to Man in the Box by Alice in Chains.

  2. I put the Tone Zone in my Tele Bridge and never looked back. Amazing.
    I left the stock Neck pickup. It sounds great. The middle position….terrible blend. I have to figure out best way to fix this and get a useable blend. Any ideas poppa ?

  3. yo dawg you got groove

  4. Thanks this was great

  5. Oh the pain! All part of the blues, thanks Brett.

  6. DIG IT….Good final encouragement, focus on what you CAN do, this week, and feel good about it. Add 99 more weeks to that and you've got something!

  7. Music is not defined by the notes, but by the silences between them. Truly, less is more.

  8. Amazing lesson bro, best in depth explanations. really appreciate your videos !

  9. You are such a practical-approach effective instructor. Love you and your lessons. Thank you, Papa.

  10. man that tele sounds killer

  11. Youre a good man! thanks for the indepth high quality stuff. youre appreciated

  12. This guy is awesome.

  13. Bro, your lessons are marvellous. I'd love to see one where you'd show how to build or find different kind of chords, hopefully outside the power chords or basic blues chords I use.. BTW, you are one of the best teachers of Hendrix techniques I ever saw. Hats off to Papastache.

  14. Awesome THis added Some more Style to my playing Thank you Very much Mohan Peri INDIA

  15. Awesome THis added Some more Style to my playing Thank you Very much Mohan Peri INDIA

  16. Cheers papastache102, I have just started playing and learning to improvise. Ive heard the caged system mite be the best way/quickest way to unlocking the fret board. Whats your opinion on this view? Could u maby post a vid concerning this strategy. Much love, Peace

  17. thanks Papa,where do you get that super cool t-shirt you're wearing!!!cheers!

  18. So happy about knowing your channel…
    Great Work please go on ! You help me so much 🙂

  19. Can you make a maggot brain tutorial please

  20. I went and bought a Gibson Les Paul and I'm still not near as good as Jimmy Page or Billy Gibbons. Do you think I bought a defect, 'er?

  21. what string size are you using man?

  22. What's so funny in "Russian"? Yea, its my language))
    Good job man, thumbs up for lessons.

  23. Again you're talking about jam and backing tracks. But you don't use such… Why?

  24. You get that guitar refretted recently? Shiny!! Lol

  25. Great lesson.Thanks

  26. I'd love to see you give advice on T Bone Walker's They Call It Stormy Monday and Papa Ain't Salty.Great lesson as always.Thanks.

  27. what you think about eric gales by the way?

  28. maaaan you're one of the coolest and funiest guitar tutmans here on youtube
    by the way you've already did come up with this timing idea .. i guess you forgot right?
    anyway it's one of the easiest thing to do when you're not super techincal
    the only last thing is not to forgot scale you're going through .. that's my weakest point
    otherwise I would have been already a supa cool soloist))))))

  29. Great lesson. How did you get that huge tone at such low volumes? I can hear the strings! Knowing scales is one thing. Knowing how to use them, is a whole different animal. Thanks!!

  30. Time to confess by Gov't Mule please! Cool inverted Hendrix type chords and licks

  31. What happened to your website? Don't miss an opportunity to monetize every click m'lord

  32. Really great one… 4 REAL! I always need to remember this kind of things on my soloing playing… by the way, please check out "our" facebook chat man! I really need something… my name is Gabriel Ruiz 😉
    Greetings from Chile

  33. Really like your lessons! Great tips!

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