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4 Tips For Better Phrasing in Your Lead Guitar Playing – Blues Rock Guitar Soloing Lesson

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. I'm a proud supporter of Marty since 2008

  2. you are so right! specially regarding the words penetrating the music phrases presenting a story. otherwise its not a real art.

  3. im definetely missing the “Funk“ playlist marty 🙂

  4. Your a great guitar player Marty ? Thanks for the tips!

  5. Excellent Marty. All the tips are great, but the idea of telling yourself a story had never occurred to me. Since I've finally developed enough facility to move around fairly well without having to focus completely on that, that idea will be a gamechanger! Thanks!

  6. Great advice Marty! I'm a singer so find the phrasing natural in my playing. It adds so much texture and depth to the solo! I always try to let the guitar breathe.

  7. Marty, great guitar video and thank you for your videos in general!!

  8. Thanks Marty, loving all the new stuff. Keep it coming.

  9. Marty you are the best thanks again for your video !! ????????

  10. those riffs you played between 0.25-0.30 seconds where quite interesting, could you do a video on them please?

  11. Growing old with Marty!…Awesome!

  12. THE BEST lesson I've ever seen. Excellent job Marty!

  13. No better man to talk on the sure to than Marty in my opinion, he's phrasing so amazing

  14. Tha'ts Tha key to open the door of freedom, thanks

  15. Could you please do "i loved another woman" by Fleetwood Mac please?!!

  16. Excellent lesson Marty as usual. Been following since the early days and without you I'm no where near the player I am today. From learning my first solo, to improving major and minors scales together, to the good ol land of A7. I used to love learning the lick lessons. Any thoughts on bringing back lick of the day or lick of the week lessons ? Cheers.. P.S love the new channel, it feels refreshed!

  17. over the years marty you've become one of my favorite players, so much soul

  18. please do the connells 74-75 cheers

  19. Never ever take off your hat Marty you rock!

  20. just discovered Marty on youtube after i decided to dust off my old guitar and get back into playing. this dude is one hell of a teacher. These videos have helped remind me of everything that I had forgotten, and even launched me into whole new concepts I never understood before. thanks marty

  21. Thank you ,I had been a fan ever since ,wish to play as good as you are. 😀

  22. Marty, I've been practicing pentatonics long now and I know all the roots and all positions on the neck, what should I learn next. I'm into blues and rock n roll

  23. Tip # 5: Make faces like you're having an orgasm while you play. No joke it helps!

  24. Awesome vid Marty.  Was that the King of Tone pedal giving you the overdrive?  One of the best tones I've heard you get with that Divided By 13 Amp.

  25. Hi Marty,
    Great lesson. can you give a clue as to what chords you are playing from 24 seconds to 32 seconds. John

  26. Makes perfect sense. More melodic that way.

  27. And again.. Just Can't thank you enough!! You are the best thanks so much

  28. Marty I've had so much fun playing to this video I haven't checked the other ones out yet, story lol it's just so much fun to improvise and play something a little off the wall, thank you for this video I've had a ball with it.

  29. so glad ur back, this channel is your best by far, thanks for all your work

  30. More Frusciante please!

  31. do more johnfrusciante man

  32. david gilmour sings along a good bit, ive noticed….always wondered why! thanks great tip!

  33. Marty will u do John Mayers rendition of ain't no sunshine

  34. ???? hey!! Martin Schwartzkrelli settin up another musical pill to pop. but a great price,FREE. ?? thanks so much, good advice.

  35. More great advice Marty, A problem I have is Looping, I use the Boss RC3 but carnt seem to get a smooth loop! Any advice ? ???

  36. Very helpful tips. Excellent lesson Marty!

  37. Who knows what technique uses in 0:25? What's notes playing?

  38. It's a darn good thing "open space" is good, my solo's are full of it, lolol, thanks, GREAT lesson Marty !

  39. Tip #5: Subscribe to this channel 🙂

  40. That was a very helpful video! Thanks Marty!

  41. Your right Marty. learning have been trying to put to much into my improvising. Great advice to breathe. Great lesson. I love how you mix it up now in key of C . Thanks ! Great lesson.

  42. I really like these lessons that help you get from simply knowing the pentatonic scale to actually sounding good.

  43. I feel this is one of your best lessons, but all your lessons are great.

    Rock-on my brother

  44. Marty, I like you. Genuine kind of person. Wish you all the best… maybe this advice is misplaced. But you've been putting an insane amount of content out in rapid succession. Slow it down. Give people a chance to appreciate what you've done. Give your self somewhere to go. Don't drop all your content at once.

    People might disagree because they want to see more of you.

  45. Oscar Peterson is also a good example

  46. Why this channel doesn't have 100k+ viewers I'll never understand. Thanks for the great lesson!

  47. More great stuff Marty, thanks.

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