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5 Tips For Perfect Bar Chords – Beginner Guitar Lesson

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. The guy who fixed my bar chords. Thanx mate

  2. Thank you Matk the guitar guy

  3. some of my strings won't play and im using this techniques plz help

  4. When you said, "oh, G D A? Let's learn that song," I just lost it. That is so me! Thanks for tips 4 and 5 especially, those were new to me. Subscribed. 🙂

  5. I was struggling keeping the bar chord tight to avoid buzzing. But the hook technic really helped me out! thanks a lot bro now I can play them like nothing 🙂

  6. Mark you are an amazing teacher, best simple and effective lesson on barre chords ever!

  7. The barring finger technique really helped me a lot! Thanks

  8. You're the man! Thanks so much, sir.

  9. That's helpful!
    Thanks 🙂

  10. you deserve more subs !

  11. THANK U SO MUCH? it really did work!!!.if i had $100, i would have gave it to u!!!!

  12. Seriously good video, Mark, thanks, mate.

  13. Five MUST be the magic Youtube number!
    This is the fifth video I've watched to try and learn those pesky barre chords, and the only one that actually helped me get it.
    Thanks mate!

  14. Really very helpfull! Thanks

  15. Thanks alot
    I impoved my sound

  16. What does the bar finger do? Am I pushing in all the strings with my bar finger on the f barre chord

  17. Thank you so much, Mark, you're my savior, first video to really help my with the bar chords!

  18. thanks that really helps

  19. Great lesson but please tell me the riff you played. I need those chords.

  20. It's Really Really Very Hard….

    There's So much Pressure to be applied… hand Paine's a lot….

    and sound is very damaged…

  21. Thanks. Seem to be getting better at this

  22. Awesome!! Never had anyone break it down like this, made perfect sense. I have had the hardest time with bar chords, thanks a bunch!

  23. actually helped a ton!

  24. Really helped me 😀

  25. Awesome!   It's the attention to the little details that really help and why I really enjoy your style of teaching.   Thx again.   Cheers!

  26. Great lesson. Can't belive how much this has just helped me in such a short space of time !

  27. I think i just found my teacher…..my real teacher should learn from u…..super helpful mate….thnks

  28. plz show how to play b major. ..easy way. ….its hard for me…..

  29. hii guitarguy this is great video….

  30. Will you by chance explain B major chord shape? I'm able with F major shape but B major is still not good enough… I don't exactly know why…

  31. thank you so much mark!! 🙂 definitely learning a lot from you 🙂

  32. Thanks for the great tips.

  33. can a capo help the bar chord be more easy? is hard to me only in first fret .

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