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6 Hour Relaxing Music: Nature Sounds, Guitar Instrumental, Acoustic Guitar, Background Music, ✿2432C

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. We wish all our subscribers and fans a fantastic 2017! To celebrate the New Year we have launched 2 new iTunes albums with Relaxing Guitar and Relaxing Piano music:
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  2. hi YellowBrickCinema can you please name this music?..so others could find it easily
    many friends ask me where they could download it? obviously for free
    thanks for helping us without making you rich only for the more visual you recieve :3 so tell us..we need free music 🙂

  3. This music really helps me study. I love guitar, and this melody is amazing!

  4. What a gift. Thank you

  5. Thanks, needed this today. Great way to unwind after a crazy day in a very busy kitchen.

  6. I got a guitar and was able to copy this u rock

  7. Mary did you know! Over a minute and a half before I realized the song. The tune was so familiar and peaceful. Beautiful!!

  8. תשמעי אולי את לא מבינה עהרית אבל את פשוט מדיהמה אין כמוך המוזיקה של מריגעה אותי ברגעים קשים!!!!!!!

  9. you take my words ,iam a famous guitarist,i asure if i get a chance i would assist you ……… you are speechless so good and i dont have words to say thanks for this lovely mu


  11. Do you guys have the sheets?

  12. I love this one and the 3 hour one

  13. i love your music first time listener I'm sick with seizures and it helps with brain waves thank you for relaxing me while I was sick love this

  14. Are these from songs or they are random

  15. Is there a name to this song? I'd really like to play it on my guitar!
    I love this so much <3

  16. has Someone tabs guitar for that :)?

  17. Muy relejante para el trabajo.

  18. Thanks for listening to this Yellow Brick Cinema music video! For more music for study, meditation, sleep and general relaxation subscribe and visit our YouTube homepage: https://www.youtube.com/yellowbrickcinema?sub_confirmation=1

  19. The same song over and over. Nice at first, then a bit jarring repeat after repeat.

  20. where i can find the guitar tabs?? or which scale are using 🙂

  21. Superb music…I really like it. So relax…thank for your kind sharing this sort of initiative music.

  22. Beautiful music. So enchanting.

  23. Thanks for this! You really help me sleep!

  24. good music
    to think about

  25. beautiful… so beautiful

  26. Lol, I usually don't like this type of music. I like death metal but for some reason i really enjoy this song

  27. merci moi qui adore le son de la guitare je suis servi mille merci <3 <3

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