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A Simple Trick to Memorize The Major Scale | Steve Stine | Guitar Zoom

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. probably the best guitar teacher i've seen on youtube

  2. Brilliant lesson. This man was undoubtedly born to teach. Thank you!!!

  3. you're the man, thanks a ton!

  4. Thumbs up! youre the best at teaching!! this is why im in part 2 ??

  5. Wow..Dude..I was being skeptical at the beginning. I thought this must be hard to understand. Now it makes sense and worth a lot. Thanks. 😀

  6. omg I finally understand Keys and Scales.
    I could almost cry. THANK YOU. What a great video.

  7. Hands down best guitar teacher on Youtube. Thank you for doing this and keep doing it! Fan from Malaysia

  8. awesome teacher very easy to understand! thanks

  9. Excellent lesson. I'm thankful that I have some piano theory (some, not much!) so your explanations are great and really helpful. Wish the internet existed when I was a teenager trying to learn. I'm over 60 now and these videos are very motivating. Thank you so much.

  10. Wow, I'm putting this on my FB page. I have learned music theory when I was a kid, and went 'whatever', and have tried to understand it as an adult. THIS makes TOTAL sense! Thanks for making it so simple.

  11. This is cool! I took a lot of theory courses in college but I couldn't ever translate it to my guitar really. It felt like all piano. Thanks for the help!

  12. Could you please show how would v find the scale for the key of C#…?

  13. Thank you so much for this video. I have been playing guitar for 12 years, but stopped learning theory after high school because I did not get along with my teacher. After relying on tabs and other band members for the last 9 years, I have only just realised how much not knowing theory has held me back, especially my writing. Now that I'm writing solo projects, I have watched many videos and could not grasp the concepts. Until I watched this, it finally clicked!! I'm off to watch the chromatic scales video, then watch this one again. Can't believe it took me so long to find this channel.

  14. This guy paints beautiful trees (Bob),on the guitar.
    Epic instructor for the masses, young and old.
    Great lesson, thank you.

  15. Steve I cant thank you enough, just watching a few of your videos I have learned so much! You make learning theory so fun and easy, I cant wait to buy some of your dvd lessons, rock on!

  16. Wow!! The way you're breaking it all down is inspiring me to understand what I'm playing and why. Thanks a ton.

  17. the way you say 'root' amuses me. anyway, great lesson!

  18. very very good explanation! thanks a lot. very helpfull

  19. OMG the penny dropped. I understand this shit now. Wow, amazing lessons.

  20. you sir, are amazing, thank you so much

  21. Outstanding Steve! Answered a lot of questions and I've been playing for years!

  22. Thank you. You make understanding theory straight forward.

  23. "once you learn this, all other scales are a breeze": I love this – correct!
    "A C is a C is a C": right!
    "it all overlaps": true! all these concepts are NOT separate but linked, and the fret board is beautiful as one can see them on it
    what a clear and comprehensive lesson

  24. Awesome Steve, this really helps a lot.????

  25. do re mi fa sol la SI do

  26. What you explained makes sense, but what I don't get is when you move from the 6th string to the 5th. And why do you put your finger at a different fret when you go to the next string?

  27. Mind blown. Currently learning a bit of basic musical theory for bass guitar. I understood that the pattern of the major scale is the same anywhere across the fretboard, but how you can calculate it on paper by making these half-step adjustments to mirror the original C major scale is wow!

  28. Best breakdown of scales and their application in music that I have ever seen. Thank you so much for the lessons

  29. If there is someone that can make it clearer than this guy – please step forward…
    …yeah. I thought so

  30. Steve you are the first guy to explain this in a way my brain understood. Well done!

  31. Now I understand the major scales more. Thanks

  32. your the best guitar teacher. thank you so much!!

  33. keep it up!! good work!!

  34. Very good theory to practice…Thanks

  35. Hi Steve thanks for your lessons ! U are a great teacher man !

  36. Great Help. You are my best teacher now !

  37. Very good video. It's all rather logical and I learnt ALL of this already, but was always confused with minor and other modes. Now, that I know that there is really only ONE scale and the rest is only shifted, everything gets way more clearer. THX !
    But there are two issues:
    1. there is no phrygian chord, but major is equal to ionian, so is ther an ionian chord ? Same for minor and aeolian ?
    2. I can play in every scales 1st tones, but when it comes to soloing and the song is in Bmaj I have a problem to improvise. I'll have to practice and write down a solo. I am fine with C and G. I dont't think my way of learning one scale after another is effective. Does this come natural after longer playing and memorizing each note on the fret ? I think I have to memorize all sttrings fret notes…

  38. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help.

  39. holy crap man!! this made everything click !! things are already starting to come together in my understanding of theory. I understand how to manipulate some of the notes ive memorized so far into things that sound better than anything i would have just "came up" with off the top of my head. Your videos are so helpful man. ive played guitar for 6 some years and my old guitar teacher(whom i dont see anymore due to financial reasons) would have never been able to explain it like this to me, especially so easily and so fast. the only thing he taught me was songs. Seriously dude thank you for what your doing im learning so much already and hope to keep on learning. its like im figuring out guitar for the first time again. It feels so cool and new.

  40. How come every other major scale video i watch the shape is different and 5 patterns? Not talking major pentatonic but major scales? Confused please help

  41. Now i know why we use the flats and the sharps ahahahahah

  42. Very good teaching. Easy to understand. Subscribed for life. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  43. You have a gift for teaching

  44. Diamond clear. I've been hearing it's simple forever but it never seemed simple before. I get this in the abstract now. Gotta put it on the fret board yet. Well done!

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