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Acoustic Guitar Christian Worship Songs Collection

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. Hi check new video '5 Praise n Worship Songs' here

    and another 'Acoustic Christian Song' channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJjiXssK2uSTykwBCWosNgw
    God Bless You 🙂

  2. loveeee it! Thank You Lord ♡

  3. ohhhhhh yes jesus i belong to u ♥

  4. its so nice. . .to hear this songs . .

  5. Jesus s.o.s Brazil…

  6. Praising is not for my pleasure but for my life.

  7. Heaven In My Heart

    If I could see beyond the sky, I'd look to see You smile , I'd look to Your majesty
    If I could reach above the stars, I'd put my hands in Yours, You'd show me all eternity

    But for now I close my eyes and pray, But for now I lift my hands and say

    Chorus: Jesus, You're my Saviour, You are heaven in my heart

    No Other Name (Live) – Radio Version by Hillsong Worship

    One name, Holds weight above them all, His fame, Outlasts the earth He formed
    His praise, Resounds beyond the stars, And echoes in our hearts, The greatest One of all,

    His face, Shines brighter than the sun, His grace, As boundless as His love,
    He reigns, With healing in His wings, The King above all kings, The greatest One of all,

    Lift up our eyes, see the King has come. Light of the world, Reaching out for us,
    There is no other name, There is no other name, Jesus Christ our God

    Seated on high, the undefeated One, Mountains bow down, As we lift Him up
    There is no other name, There is no other name, Jesus Christ our God

    Find hope, When all the world seems lost, Behold, The triumph of the cross
    His power, Has trampled death and grave, Our life found in His name, The greatest name of all

    The earth will shake, And tremble before Him, Chains will break, As heaven and earth sing
    Holy is the name, Holy is the name of, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

  8. hi,thanks for the music.so lovely.thanks..
    Our Lord Jesus bless us

  9. It are great songs. I love these songs 🙂

  10. i need Jesus right now

  11. 1. Heaven in My Heart – Hillsong 0:00
    2. No Other Name – Hillsong Worship 3:46
    3. Came To My Rescue – Hillsong United 10:46
    4. Nothing But The Blood – Robert Lowry 19:57
    5. The Anthem – Planetshakers 23:29
    6. Nothing Is Impossible – Planetshakers 30:25
    7. Closer – Bethel 34:39
    8. In Christ Alone 39:00
    9. Our God – Christ Tomlin 41:55
    10. Your Love Never Fails – Jesus Culture 47:05
    11. I Need Jesus – Kevin Jones 52:08
    12. With All I am – Hillsong 56:19

  12. Awesome! My favorite song.
    Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  13. GBM, could you please tell me who sings the version to these songs on track 2 No other name , 3 Came to my rescue, 4 Nothing but the blood of jesus, 5 The Anthem, 6 Nothing is impossible, 7 closer, 8 In Christ, 9 Our God, 10 Your love never fails. I love the more simplistic acoustic sound to these songs vs the loud band. Thank you

  14. this keeps me going.. thanks for sharing this wonderful playlist, God bless ❤

  15. Who sang the last song "With All I am"? Nicely done 😀

  16. Worship songs is the best song ever

  17. when i her the song … i fill so blessed God Bless sir .. sorry for my english im filipino 😀 <3

  18. Wanderful music very relaxing & nice for quiet time with God

  19. Who did the cover of closer by bethel? Thanks

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