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Avenged Sevenfold At: Guitar Center

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. Great Salesman… …. ….

  2. am i the only one who cant stand guitar center? like nearly everyone that goes in there is so stuck on themselves

  3. Less backing vocals…..cuz their backing vocals fucking DIED

  4. One of the best bands period.

  5. When did Bucky Barnes join A7X.

  6. Didn't play a single note

  7. Does anybody know what 6661 on Zacky's guitar stands for?

  8. synyster gates your guitar is so awesome

  9. Did anyone else notice the 6661 guitar had a Floyd?

  10. this dude look dumb as fuck with long hair. (666th comment)

  11. It's another version of Afterlife in the background, which is it?

  12. i wish these fucking videos played without music

  13. I'm a big A7X fan and I've always found it cool that Zacky's signature is based on the Gibson SG, I actually thought that was what he played before I knew it was a Schecter

  14. That moment when you see a pair of headphones hanging that you actually own.

  15. This band gets way too much flak. I feel like this band seems generic to some people which is fine, but people are extra vocal about it because they are a "newer" band.

  16. In the list of the band members on the video description there is no Johnny Crist HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Why is everyone that bad with him?

  17. I didnt know the villian from Inkheart picked up a wig and joined avenged sevenfold

  18. synyster, can i have your guitar for free? pls

  19. Synster Gates you're one HOT MOTHERFUCKER!!

  20. are they gonna, ya know… actually play them instead of saying how cool they are?

  21. I Love these guys so much. A7X Is life.

  22. i was waiting for the drum part of the video.

  23. Avenged Sevenfold is a awesome band I mean I don't usually like much of The 2000 to present Heavy Metal bands but Avenged Sevenfold is definitely one of my favorites as Well as Bullet For My Valentine Disturbed & Slipknot they're alll awesome Heavy Metal Bands ??????????????????

  24. Such a great band. Very talented musicians, Synyster's guitar is epic that's why I got the white and gold custom s!

  25. lol not used to seeing MC Shadows with hair 😛

  26. that's the sexist bass I've ever seen

  27. only i noticed the floyd rose bridge on zackys guitar?

  28. This band gets too much unnecessary hate, I don't see what's bad about them lol

  29. Shadows' voice will not be like this for so long… Will happend the same thing that happend with axl rose's voice

  30. why the 666 on the guitar

  31. C'mon +Guitar Center put Johnny in the description too !

  32. Gates looks konda like saitama from one punch man

  33. Cut yo hair Matt you look better with out that

  34. I own a schecter demon 6 and they're amazing to be honest

  35. Zacky V still saying "You Know"

  36. A bunch of fags at: Guitar Center

  37. amazing bass ! looks really cool.

  38. Nah Matt Shadows looks fucking hilarious

  39. The most generic and the most boring band on the planet.

  40. Something about him saying he "Believes" his guitar has 24 frets is funny to me.

  41. "Recently I was working with Schecter to design my own BASS BASSicly"
    I see what you did there Johnny.

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