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Beginner’s Guide To Electric Guitar Gear – Guitars, Amps & Pedals

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. I use to be able to play things like walk by pantera and nothing else matters by metallica blindfolded, performed many times and now back to the basics as I haven't touched a guitar in over 10 years.
    Just rediscovered my long lost love xD

  2. this was so helpful dude

  3. My amp doesn't have an overdrive so what do I do

  4. Everytime he says fantastic all I can think of is the 9th doctor ?

  5. who needs a tuner these days when theres 100s of apps

  6. have just picked up a les paul special 2 for £50 with a wee amp. is it worth while sticking with acoustic until I've masterd the beginners course or is ok to to swap between the two.

  7. Roland or Blackstar amps? Which is better for the price?

  8. No offense but why didn't you fit the strings yourself instead of paying for someone to do it also the position of your strings?

  9. Is a head like an amp (combo) but smaller and simplified?

  10. i've had my strings for 4 years, still work fine.

  11. I have that same Les Paul and that same amp

  12. I'm pretty sure the tone EQ control on the Blackstar HT-1 is left for American and right for British sounding, the opposite to what Andy says

  13. Andy, what model is the guitar?

  14. Hey what's your Guitar model

  15. whats that massive pedal board called

  16. This is a copy of rob chapman's video, literally same amp

  17. Hi Andy , are they fret boards much the same between the two , i.e. Are the strings the same width apart etc ? Just trying to gauge which one would be best to learn on

  18. can i play a electric guitar with an subwoofer or something? exept an amp?

  19. What headphones should i get for plugging into an amp

  20. Nice video! I want to start playing guitar and this is the stuff i want:

    guitar: encore e6
    amp: marshall ms2
    jack lead: fender performance
    pick: 0.21mm
    strings: earnie ball 9s
    strap: a one off of ebay


  21. What are your thoughts on the Pyle Vamp?

  22. guitar tuna is on Android

  23. Hi Andy, does the Moss ME-70 work well with that HT-1 tube amp?

  24. I use " PitchLab Lite" app on android. Does give you the note and Hz as well. Can tune anything and works great

  25. the new series of black star id core is just killer?

  26. G`day, the best is the one you can get for now.

  27. Does the jack lead come with the guitar or the amplifier?

  28. i use guitartuna, its on android and its good enough

  29. This was so helpful man, thank you! Picked up my Yamaha f310 last year on your recommendation, and will be getting my Epiphone Les Paul Special ii next week!

  30. why dose he have a picture of a guys butt on his wall

  31. just found this tutorial…I really needed this Thanks-Jo

  32. I understand the string guage for beginners, but when I got my first electric a year and a half ago I just played the strings on it and found out from the original owner that they were 10s, so I just play Ernie ball 10s because that's what I'm used to

  33. Couldn't find a Model 59 humbucker on Seymore Ducan web site. Andy do you have a part number?

  34. Which Blackstar amp is that?
    Also this was helpful so thanks!

  35. nice to see noel g on the wall… keep up good videos Andy…I just moved out of England to Canada and I'm homesick and watching your videos reminds me of home, thank you

  36. andy did you get an epiphone over a Gibson because you couldn't afford one or because you think the Gibson is not as good.

  37. Awesome video, thank you so much, Andy!

  38. I have a line 6 amp and a black bc rich warlock with a reversed head stock

  39. thank you andy for tour hardwork

  40. Some nice honest advice ,very good Andy.

  41. I think it is necessary to tell us about the basics of power and electricity, of our gear. E.g. : How to protect our gear (amps, pedals) from power surges, spikes, constant low voltage e.t.c. Also how to power and connect our pedals. Also, basics about ohms and connecting amp heads and cabs, correctly.

  42. Thank you for taking the time to make this series Andy!

  43. SG's r gr8, my favorite cheap guitar is an epiphone standard sg

  44. Hey Andy, just wanna ask, how much does it cost for an electric guitar set all in all? (guitar, amp, other necessary stuff for begginers)

  45. Amp apps or real amp?

  46. Hey Andy, do you recommend buying your first guitar new or used/second handed? My guitar teacher argues that for the price of a new Stratocaster or Les Paul, you can get a much better, used, guitar. Do you think that's a good idea as a beginner?

  47. is there acoustic guitar version of this video?

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