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Beginner’s Guitar Lesson on Power Chords

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. okay…you are very talented and i am not bashing you in any way…but you are a horrible teacher. you explained nothing.

  2. Lesson 1,,,,,,,, grow nails for inducing cocaine snorts.

  3. Right on eh? Good job on the video!!This will totally help me learn how to make some fun sounds in between all the practice I gotta do.You made things very understandable for a total newbie like me.

  4. The intro sucks! Doesn't get better. Get fucked up and you may like it, but learn nothing. He's an IDIOT!!!

  5. man cocaine is a hell of a drug

  6. are you using a peddle while use teaching

  7. dude why youre actin fast and pro , and your title is for beginners u have to calm the fuck down and expalin slowly

  8. is th E string is droped to D?

  9. follow up video on the theory of the fifths and triads would be nice I know you mentioned this was a crash course but I actually came looking for the theory

  10. My fingers don't go that far

  11. lol, a chord is 2 notes or more. so what are you talking about?

  12. did anyone else notice his sharp ass thumb nail?

  13. I'm an intermediate player and i have a huge problem in that my ring and little finger get really painful when playing power chords for a long time. I powered through today and they just failed. Now I have to stop my practice even though I have loads of time because it hurts to move them at all now. Can you help? I'm sure I'm doing myself damage.

  14. holy shit this confused me even more

  15. Cool brudda. like the vids. keep em coming man I need the help lol.

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