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Brazilian Rosewood – Acoustic Guitar Tonewood Guide

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. The 'beliefs' on tonewood are basically all a hoax religion.
    People who believe they can 'hear the difference' between EIR and Braz (citing such superlatives as 'crisp overtones' or 'rich bass') are suckers, placebo responders and bias confirmers, who've deluded themselves into believing they can 'perceive' something that does not exist. This is the part where they say I just have bad ears or I'm too poor to afford the good stuff, but I'm the one always standing there with cash in hand, willing to bet against their beliefs with blind controls in place, they just wander off muttering nonsense…. Fuck the idiot who makes a youtube video 'talking' about Brazilian Rosewood. Find me the guy willing to bet on it.

  2. that's a good looking guitar but, whats the name of the music playing in the background

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