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Brazilian Rosewood Vs Indian Rosewood – Taylor Guitar Comparison

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. Arpeggios and guitar solos sound better with Indian, Brazilian sounds punchier , brighter and with a deeper low end and also has more sustain. If you could afford to have one of each you'd probably end up using the Brazilian for enjoying playing alone and eventually use it to record it playing music where the acustic guitar is the only or the main instrument, like in a western movie for example, while Indian is a lot more versatile for playing in a band all kinds of music because it's flatness made by a complex full mids leave harmonics in the frequency where they should sound in the mix so it doesn't dirt up with too much bass and too much treble. When amplified Indian low end sounds tight and enough same as treble while Brazilian low end sounds boomy and treble sounds too much giving a lot more trouble than indian to control feedback on stage.

  2. No distinguishable difference.

  3. Indian a bit more muted …but still nice.

  4. the Indian rosewood guitar sounds flat, the Brazilian one sounded much warmer and generally better to me, I can't explain why, it's like the Brazilian one has more colour to the sound, especially when you let it ring out, there are more harmonics and overtones. Now I know why people go crazy for Brazilian Rosewood!

  5. In some playing situation Indian Rosewood sounded better and other situation Brazilian Rosewood sounded better… But in the last track Brazilian Rosewood really shines, mid range frequency sounded so sweet!

  6. Brazilian slays Indian. Brazilian is brighter, louder and projects ringing "reverb" overtones that Indian cannot match. Brazilian is slayer tone wood.

  7. Brazilian women are hotter too.bigger butts lol

  8. Brazilian seemed better to me

  9. brazilian is a little bit brighter, but it's a subtle difference

  10. Brazillian for visuals, Indian for flavor. (same goes for women and food)

  11. Huge difference….Brazilian is a little more of a presence, in your face and Indian is a little more ballanced sounding, a litlle darker…I have Takamine Tan 16C and really like it a lot (Indian rosewood), but after playing 814CE, I was sold….I just need more money:)

  12. It's abysmal! BR IS SO MUCH BETTER!

  13. It seems the harder you pick the more pronounced the difference. Brazilian is definitely more brilliant…brazilliant? Thanks!

  14. Only Taylor could make Brazilian Rosewood sound like someone dropped a handful of quarters on the sidewalk.. Same with the Indian RW….All of their guitars are too trebly, except completely counter to the physics of acoustic building their 610 CE with Maple back and sides! Try to figure that one out?? My guess is the bolt on necks?

  15. Considering you can buy 2-1/2 or 3 of the Indian Rosewood models for 1 of the Brazilian, I think I'd definitely go for that one!

  16. Both nice but I think the Indian Rosewood sounds a little nicer. As always, good playing!

  17. cant say one is better than th other but i think brazilian is booming and indian is cozy…thats what i feel

  18. The Brazilian Rosewood was certainly had a little more presence, but I don't think the difference was pronounced enough to justify the cost premium called for by Brazilian Rosewood. I think some lighter strings and maybe a little help from a graphic EQ could fix that on Indian Rosewood. Great video as always, Johan!

  19. Nice playing Johan ! Brazilian sounds huge ! What a difference. : )

  20. It looks like the mic placement at the end favors the Braz… The mics should have been in the same place relative to the tops of both guitars to be fair.

  21. Those two mics you use give fantastic results on everything you use them on.

  22. Indian by far, the brazillian is too piercing. The indian has a nice base to it.

  23. In the minority but I loved the rosewood by a mile. Different strokes for different folks.

  24. I liked the Indian Rosewood the most, I can't really say why as I don't play acoustic guitar I play bass but I liked the Indians sound just a little more. Speaking of bass have you ever got your hands on a Warwick?

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