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D’Addario Classical Guitar Performance by Liying Zhu

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. chinese girl can play better than you and you know it lol

  2. Nice. I'm learning classical technique on guitar and I want to know the technique for plucking one string fast like she is throughout this entire piece.

  3. This technique man, so clean… Marry me Zhu.

  4. Very nice tremolo, great control of time and dynamics. Wonderful interpretation.

    Thank you for sharing and that we may look for free as guests behind your camera getting touched deeply in our hearts and souls by such art of composing and playing 🙂 Stay tuned

  5. No way, hair on the back of my neck is actually tingling. Is it cold? What the hell!

  6. i love your tremollo with perfect dynamics?

  7. A Chinese girl trying to pronounce Spanish words, with a German accent; Jesus!

    The title of the piece is obviously "Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios", also known as "La Última Canción" for reasons that the guitar lovers who heard about the composer's life, should have known.

    This is far from being a rendition which would qualify the performer for a Carnegie Hall recital.

  8. Love the performance, and love D'Addario strings, both nylon and steel. It's the only brand I use.

  9. That's interesting, the name I know this piece by is "Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios". I was learning it but haven't touched it in a while, but this will be a great reference point.

  10. can you just marry me Liying Zhu

  11. I love music.. I love lamp..?

  12. Very good performance! I want to point out that Barrios didn't passed away in 1994, it was 1944.

  13. 这个版本弹得我很喜欢

  14. Guau! esto me hace pensar en todo el trabajo que me va a costar tocar así.

  15. Impeccable timing from what seems to be the end and the true final chord…gives an excellent closure to the piece. Wonderful selection and performance…terrific video craftsmanship as well.

  16. Beautiful performance from a very beautiful woman. Technique is flawless, rising trills are perfect and well enunciated. Are there any folk songs of China that lend to your expressive talent

  17. 慕尼黑古典吉他爱好者路人甲路过。。。

  18. Me gusta. Escuchar a es tos artistas anima a practicar y practicar. Thanks D´`Addario F.

  19. She's only getting to play in Carnegie Hall because she's a minority and D'Addario is jumping on the "only-certain groups are recognized" bandwagon.

    So disappointing.

  20. Elegant playing… I think this artist has found her true vocation in life. I am sure we will hear many great things in the near future.

  21. Very beautiful guitar playing and the tremolo is excellent too!!

  22. here is mistake, Augustin Barrios Mangore died in 1944, not in 1994

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