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Daniel Donato Country Guitar Lessons

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. When I need to escape the environment that I'm in for a coupla minutes, I dial up this video, and I imagine that I'm sitting in a Nashville honky tonk with a beer in one hand, listening to Daniel play. Can't wait to hear him again live. He's already one of the greatest, IMHO…

  2. I saw this kid play about three times last week in Nashville. Talented, humble, creative. He's legit in my book.

  3. nice pickin … now git ur hair cut !

  4. absolutlely mind bogelling great work

  5. Anyone know what amp that is?

  6. I love it.Great hit of a sound.

  7. Love this stuff…Love the whole band and of course the tele sound with a little crunch

  8. @Roger: Brent who? (Just joking!)

  9. Smoking… my hands feel off..

  10. Ever heard of Brent Mason? the king of all..

  11. The future of the electric guitar is in good hands !!!!!

  12. he is an absolute beast, wish someone could do a tab on this, at least for the first mjnute

  13. Very cool solo, reminds me of Eric Clapton's Crossroads though

  14. had to share that to facebook smokin !

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