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Five Tips For Writing Extraordinary Guitar Solos

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. two songs of yours' proved me that you recovered all the fees you paid for Berklee
    first – when sisters argue
    second – solo happened end of this video
    love all of your works
    hope you drop a instrumental album very soon
    keep shredding m/

  2. Absolutely LOVE how you made that guitar scream at 5:09. Wow!!!!!

  3. Malmsteen made a great point in an interview he did where he said "more is more" it makes you think about the whole "space" thing. how can less be more.

  4. Nasty you should do a video of jamming and flip into to that that was nice

  5. Nasty you should do a video of jamming and flip into to that that was nice

  6. Man you are really good at teaching.

  7. Man, the Red Sox aren't gonna be the same without Big Papi…

  8. tips for cleaner solos?

  9. Hi anybody know what's the brand of the green guitar he uses?

  10. "You'll be very, comfortably received"… don't ever say that again

  11. get enough distortion to screw the music so much you can't tell if they're actually playing in the right key

  12. awesome tips and awesome solo..

  13. your channel is awesome…best video I have ever seen…really enlightening, and I'm a quite advanced jazz player

  14. I love this guy's explanation but damn its kind of creepy.

  15. What's that guitar between the les paul and the strat?

  16. I hear the Steve Vai influence

  17. Oh, i saw that Ghost poster. Good taste!

  18. this enlightens me.. thanks man!

  19. I really enjoy your work. The art of being a precision guitar player is what its all about.  Do something along the lines of JP if you ever feel so inclined.

  20. Most important thing: The whammy bar at the end!!!

  21. "not a lot of people are the first to do anything anymore"

  22. Can you give us that backing track? It is really awesome!

  23. Good video. really like the explanation!!! Entertaining and well done. And as you think of it when you are analysing different solos, you are starting to hear and see all the points that you've mentioned.


  24. these ideas you telling are very great ideas i totally agree with you 🙂

    the implementing is the hard part XD

  25. The parts of the solo you explained kinda reminds me of alison hell

  26. Agree. It's like, u don't want to b watching some syfy movie, then all o sudden your zapped to a western or sleezy slinky back drop then flashed back to syfy, like u jst got whipped around and nothing felt right.

  27. You like The Beatles? Sir, now you have 100 % of my respect. Seriously, at first I thought you were just an amateur guitar player trying to get some likes doing funny videos, then I realized you are actually pretty kick ass, later I found out you are in fact a very dedicated, acomplished and disciplined guitar guru. But by liking The Beatles I see you recognize talent. One of the problems I find out with rock guitarnplayers is the obsession they get towards guitar rock and the way they close their minds to other music thats not heavy rock or metal. Recognizing the influence of other people in your music lets me know what is the scope of someones flexibility.

  28. Very tasty solo, thanks man!

  29. dude, that was an amazing solo! Good job man!

  30. some sweet ass solo that is

  31. jesus christ that solo melted my face off

  32. One of my favorite bands when I listened to a lot of death metal was Adramelech, and they did a LOT of "quoting the melody," which I always liked and didn't understand at the time but it makes for some really simple but catchy and effective solos. I would recommend checking out "Book of the Worm." The solo plays with the exact rhythm of the riff underneath it, but is "reharmonized" I guess you would call it? Just thought I'd share. Really good video!


  34. I will make that " damn thats nice " a meme

  35. Alex Skolnick is the King of this concept!

  36. can I have the backing track man?

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