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Guitar Tips – Sitting vs Standing Position

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. Good video, thanks!
    I think one use the classical position only if started with classical guitar!
    For instance I use to play classical as a kid then I quit and I started again 25 years later and even if I totally forgot how to play fingestyle, that imprinting it's still there. I actually was upset with myself as I couldn't (and I still can't!) play with the guitar on the right leg like most people, but I find it very uncomfortable, my back hurts and also my right shoulder, so I realized that my early lessons made me connected with the classical position so that's how I play my electric guitar!

  2. To me BC Rich Warlocks or V style guitars are most comfortable for sitting down. I mostly stand when playing though.

  3. it's the same when I use a flying V…man. Just like a babe sitting in between my leg.
    I dunnn have boobs…I dont need the guitars to hold up my man boobs when I play standing up ….just saying.

  4. My rule of thumb…practise with the strap on your guitar so it is just resting on your prefered leg. When you stand up your hands etc are in the same position and therefore much more comfortable

  5. Thank you for this! One of my biggest problems is transitioning from sitting to standing while playing.

  6. The Beatles' position is the best one, whether "it looks cool" or not, what truly matters is the health of your body.

  7. cool vid man, tnks

  8. I think you shouldn't care about how you look, if the last position is the best then play like that. Its all about the music.

  9. I wear it nice n low when i do riffs.. But while soloing i lift it up like slash.. Looks so cool ?.. While sitting though i elevate my left leg n keep my guitar on that.

  10. I've never understood why anyone would play with their guitar propped over their right leg, even if you have your leg elevated it's just awkward . What's the blue thing on the headstock ?

  11. You look like a Dave Mustaine brother, only with straight and dark hair… cool ;). And about guitar position… I also like position 3. It is so natural and easy to play, and to palm mute while fast tremolo picking, just amazing. I have a V guitar(my first guitar) so sitting down and playing is hard. I have to lean towards the neck and it feels unnatural, so I had to find a good standing position to play. Also I LOVE how it looks! Maybe not with your guitar(What I mean is that it is "short" at the bottom, while any V is way longer thus looks better in that position), but with BC Rich V?! Besides I also LOVE how one of the Hoffman brothers looks with his guitar on the cover of Deicide live album, When Satan Lives. He is the blond one, on the left of the photo. It looks like he is hugging that guitar, squeezing all its powers out of it!

  12. classical way of sitting is straight up the best. It also takes strain away from your elbow and shoulder

  13. That was very helpful, thank you. I like how you address posture issues as well.

    That's a gorgeous guitar, by the way! What kind is it?

  14. I play classical, but I still slouch. Not that it matters, because I'll never be famous.

  15. i used to practice standing up. now that ive been practicing sitting ,when i try standing for gigs its harder haha this is frustrating

  16. Standing pos. 3 = John Petrucci

  17. What shampoo should I use?

  18. I play low, but not to look cool. It allows me to get a more percussive attack and wrap my thumb around the top for bar chords a la Jimi Hendrix

  19. Jimmy Page invented the low position with the guitar……..then the late Steve Clark from Def Leppard…..

  20. To me it depends on your play style. If youre more of just a riffer then playing low works fine. If youre more of a lead player then up high is better. I like to shred so mine is set a little high. The top cut away is right below my left nipple. lol. That's how I remember where to set it.

  21. I thought Mike mangini is playing guitar

  22. It's not about looking cool but sounding cool!

  23. I utilize the left leg all of the time lol

  24. IF you often playing naked, make sure the guitar is LOW enough to cover your D. You don't wanna get it exposed during the gig. Looks awful for other players in the band as well.

  25. I can't do anything else other than the classical position sitting down

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