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Here As In Heaven (Lead Guitar Tutorial)

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. Is the solo using a sub octave up and down ?

  2. what pedals is the lead playing for the instrumental?

  3. what is the chord that the rhythm is playing at 2:452:47 (2nd chord in the instrumental)??

  4. normally you guys do a good job telling us the settings you have for each part (dotted eighths etc) but you didn't advise on the settings for this video, could you tell us what te settings are? 🙂 love your videos so much!

  5. I would be glad to see the board (or the pedals) you guys are using for this song. May God bless you!

  6. Do you have lead/tab sheets that we can learn from?

  7. sir but i didnt hear any lead guitar on the last part ?

  8. Lance! What pickups are in you elliot?

  9. Hey, how do you play the instrumental riffs?

  10. On the first chorus, you guys are playing some higher chords, but you don't play them in this. What are they?

  11. What effects are you guys using for this??


  13. That last hook sounds as in Heaven! Outstanding and passionate, I feel very blessed guys. Keep up with the good work!

  14. Love this, thank you guys! What type of delay/timing (bpm) is Lance using here for verse 2?

  15. Thanks for this vid, Was a real help!

  16. Try as I might, I can't seem to clearly see the notes being played in the lead solo at 2:39. Is there anywhere I can look at some tab to understand it better?

  17. Thank you so much for these videos. They really help cut down on prep time for a busy guitar player. One thing that would help even more is a little info in the video on the delay and reverb settings. Thanks again and God bless!

  18. This is really helpful, thanks!

  19. Would love to know the setup for the final lead part, great tone!

  20. god bless you guys for all your tutorials

  21. What over drives were used?

  22. Possibility to know what effect pedal you use? Thank you for your videos! The guitars sounds too good 😉

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