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How to Play Chicken Pickin’ Style Licks | Country Guitar

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. so, the only usefull thing i saw in this video was : playing sixes…. That's it. Good player, bad teaching… Thanks for the effort though

  2. the volume nob get in my way I ment.

  3. this is why I can't play strats . the volume nob always gets in my water when I rest my hand on the bridge.

  4. Classic example of good player bad teacher. Sometimes you need someone that knows how to teach.

  5. Great intro to CP , thanks 🙂

  6. they cant explain anything right

  7. very bad explained…!

  8. You said "it's just using these sixes". I was wondering where I could find a book or lesson on those 'sixes', just learning those layouts alone. thanks!

  9. So funny he mentioned a tele with low action and light strings. As teenagers we spoke of my dads guitar as the one with NO action. He uses and 8 then a 9 for the b! and my pops the real deal 🙂

  10. There's many things to cover in just three minutes and so far this is a great explanation. Your best teachers are the records, listen with your ears and if it sounds right it's right.

  11. Didn't really like how he explained this. On a funnier side note… Doesn't he look like John C. Reilly? Lol

  12. Well done. Nice intro to the style

  13. Thanks for your video ! What's your string gauge ?

  14. very bad explained…!

  15. Cos you're so cool with your ''metal'' guitar Elie. Cock

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