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How To Read Guitar Tabs

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. Thanks much Nate! You have a very unique super mellow way of teaching,someone that I could learn from. Thanks for putting things in "Newbie" terms! As of now I feel as though I'm trying to contort my left arm,hand,wrist….what a mess.Old enough to have patience.Keep up the great work for an even greater cause!!!!

  2. I don't play guitar. I'm not interested in learning to play the guitar. I haven't got a fucking clue why the hell I'm here.

  3. what does the arc mean btw?

  4. Thank you for this, subscribed and ready to learn. I do play lefty flipped though so might take some time to learn the right way up 🙂

  5. I like tabs better than playing music for other instruments

  6. Thank you so much! 🙂 I am a beginner at guitar but I play flute and piano so I know about the basic music rules but was confused about the Tabs. After watching your video I leveled up a lot! 🙂 Thanks again!

  7. this vid really helped me thank you

  8. IceMaster972 I've even played longer than you. I've been playin' guitar for already 7 years. This video was really a great help. 🙂

  9. I wonder how harmonics would be written on tabs. Or some guitar technic like the start of the song "iron man" by black sabbath.

  10. Every time he says "Hey, it's Nate Savage here.." am I the only one who immediately and involuntarily thinks "Savage!"

  11. I'm getting a guitar and this honestly helped me so much. Thank you

  12. dude why are the tabs so much more easier to play then the real music am im a pussy for playing tabs than the real music on guitar ?

  13. Some tabs are written upside down

  14. how do you know which fret to

  15. So, what if I'm using 1/2 step down tuning? Should I transpose it? Such as, if a song contains the G note on the 6th then it'd be third fret on a standard tuned guitar. But when in 1/2 step drop, should I go half step forward to hit the G? Does the difference really matter?
    Hope I could describe my problem properly :p
    Thanks in advance
    and btw your lessons are helping me a lot. It's been a week and I can play almost 14 different songs perfectly 😀

  16. I bought a used acoustic guitar yesterday so I'm new to all of this. I went ahead and took notes on everything you said i thank you for the uncomplicated intro to tabelature .

  17. i want my last name to be savage

  18. I play guitar for about three years, yet I have not had the need to read tabs. But recently I've been working on a solo for a song I wrote, which is why I wached this video, so I can write it down. You've been very helpful to me in that matter, and for that you have my thanks and my SUB.

  19. Thank you that was very useful to me.

  20. does this apply for a normal acoustic guitar?

  21. dont own a guitar… damn…

  22. My good friend gifted me a song book with tab for my birthday and this helped me read the whole thing!!

  23. Thank you.. very clear !

  24. thanks dude you're the only person i could find who gives such good details

  25. this is really great thanks a lot, this means a lot to me to learn & acquire this skill which you made so easy to understand… your really great thanks

  26. Thanks… Very useful info towards my aims to learn TABS in full.

  27. Are you on facebook or some facebook page?

  28. Good lesson, you are a good teacher, I am thinking of taking up the electric guitar, and this lesson was very informative, thanks for posting.

  29. You are the best guitar teacher ….

  30. your guitar lessons are awesome, thank you nate savage!

  31. have you done a lesson on playing with a metronome?

  32. I need help… I have a guitar but I have such small hands so it's hard for me to play some of the 4 or even 3 finger chords! Do they make guitars with thinner necks… If so, which brands make them, I just really want to learn I just can't hold those 4 fingered ones… What's your email?

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