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Lead Guitar Lesson – use chord shapes to find lead lines

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. i wouldnt call the first example chord shapes they are sixth intervals. only two notes so it cant really be called a chord

  2. awesome man! Thanks! praise God!

  3. we should all repent and be with the lord…..God is real

  4. That two note 'chord', that would be a dyad (like a triad) which implied a chord. The classic dyad like you used takes the third note and fifth note. Very country – like most CCM.

  5. What does the Universal Audio Apollo Twin do?

  6. Thank you for this. I gained inspiration to push my guitar language with this voicing idea. ??????

  7. As a non-church goer, can someone please explain how "worship" has anything to do with playing guitar?? Do you people go to church and do jam sessions during services or something?

  8. camera angle is hard to see the chords and fingers

  9. this really helps a lot! I'm trying to learn this stuff so I'll be ready to audition for the worship team at my college 🙂

  10. Dont get me wrong buddy. I'm trying to help here. The video is amazing. very interesting. but we just can't see the chord shapes. Well, anyway.

  11. Worst camera angle ever. Need a better director. Noobs suffer to see chord shapes. Make camera tilt up next time.

  12. How nervous were you when recording this? Your voice is so shaky. Relax, man.

  13. So Hillsong borrowed from Death Cab? Haha

  14. What volume pedal are you using?

  15. Your camera angle is not very helpful here

  16. hes using that TiME factor for a nice dotted eigth thats a real smart man

  17. I do an octave with the A and G string and ad the note on the B string to make it minor or major. It sounds huge.

  18. Really nice! I knew that but I don´t apply it normally, but sounds so great that I´m going to use it more!

  19. so if use a volume pedal . how high should my volume knob on my guitar be??

  20. Great video Bradford!

  21. Nice video
    Would be nice if you do more Electric Guitar videos. Thanks!

  22. How do you get the sound at 5:57 to sound so good? What gear or set up would I need for this? It sounds like a good clean but with a hint of distortion perfect for my church. Any help from them or anyone would be appreciated

  23. Alguien que me lo pueda explicar en español? jeje

  24. Love it when you guys do electric videos! 

  25. Love the new guitar! 🙂 

  26. This was extremely helpful. More videos like this please! 

  27. I swear every worship guitarist uses thinline teles!

  28. Please more of these lessons! 🙂

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