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Left-handed upside-down guitar academy Lesson 1: open chords in G major

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. I also play the guitar upside down but no matter how I try, there are chords, adlibs or fills that are impossible to play upside down without ruining/ breaking the progression of the chord

  2. Hi John,
    It appears that I'm a late-comer to the LHUS scene. Back in the 60's I didn't know there were L/H guitars, I was 15 earning £3~4/1d, as a trainee salesman. A friend was given a new guitar and kindly passed on his old steel string acoustic to me. You guessed; it was right handed. I've owned a few guitars since then but only realised south-paw guitars existed. Consequently I thought I was the only LHUS in existence. I'm not great, but use most of the techniques in your tutorial learned by trial and error.
    Today, I picked up a S/H guitar for £25, with the intention of converting it for a leftie. It's an Eastcoast SW203VS. But, After this video I have shelved the plan. I Also have a left handed 'Countryman ebass'.
    Hope you've got a few more tricks up your sleeve, I've subscribed.
    Also as a leftie I find BARRE chords easier than R/H players, would that be a good subject for a video?

    Many thank!

  3. thanks man its help me so much

  4. you are great sir….thank you so so much …..you gave me hope that I can play the guitar from my left hand upside down….thank you very much sir….

  5. i'm a beginner and i'm left handed. I've tried to play right handed but it feels way to awkward, so i know i'm naturally left handed.but my question is should i learn guitar playing a right handed guitar upside down, like you're showing..? or should i restring it..? i understand the benefits of learning upside down, because you can always play any guitar…

  6. I'm left handed and can play both ways normal and upside down.I learned by picking up my buddies right handed guitars. I didn't have guitar when I was younger so just learned backwards.later I got a lefty guitar and really started playing.if you can afford a lefty guitar buy a lefty guitar cause you will never play to your full capacity playing like this..also try shredding on a upside down guitar its not fun

  7. I'm a kid but I'm a pro

  8. i have to tell u big thanks im trying to learn how to lay a guitar and i'm left handed ofc, and stubborn so really thn for this tutorial cause i want to learn upside down :3

  9. I play in same manner you are pointing out here with little difference……… well, good lesson…… I'll learn ofcourse

  10. Thank you for the excellent lesson, sir! I have 2 questions, though. How do you play the B7 chord? Also, do you have any tips for that thumb overlapping (ex. the G chord)? Thanks in advance!

  11. It was long time ago when I was young to play this way.Back then/ under communist regime/ there was no books no dvd and no left handed guitars it was difficult and very expensive to buy regular guitars but i love to play and i learn to play up side down.I will tell you i was not bad i drive people crazy even my teacher who refuse to teach me in the beginning.Years later I bought a left handed guitar it was difficult in the beginning but i'm OK now.Playing with left hand guitar give you more/much more/ opportunity to get out of the guitar but if you want to play this way never be discourage you can very good even better than right handed or just have fun.I apologize for my bad English but i have fun to share my little story.Keep playing do not give up.

  12. nice that is also my technique of g chord i use my thumb… gotta like your video.. cozz many of my friends they want to learn from me in the same way… nice

  13. I mean thousands of years being played with the low string on top. THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF CORRECTNESS. No offense man but your setting people up to struggle. Can you play a bar chord cleanly?

  14. NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I hate playing with guitar players that do this it sounds like hell. your hand is always in the way and muting the strings. you are limiting your potential. just learn to do it the way it was meant to be played. hundreds of years of guitars being played correctly and then you just decide to be different. good luck man.

  15. Thank you a million times I've been going crazy and had almost resigned myself to just having to learn to play right handed

  16. Thank you so much for these lessons. I have been teaching my son to play this way, which is a strain on me because I play right handed with the low E string on top. I love how you go in depth with it. These lessons need to be in book form so that you can reach a different audience. Thanks for taking the strain out of it.

  17. THAAAAAAAAANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!! i was about to give up and switch the strings

  18. My friend plays this way. He covers a lot of stuff. Cool.

  19. my god have been looking for this for long!!

  20. this is what i need for a long time! thank you

  21. Oh man.. finally i got what i wanted. I don't want to switch my string or play a left handed guitar. I am learning to play guitar upside down. I am glad I found something here. It will keep me motivated. But in this video i feel if we use our index finger instead of thumb it will be easier to switch between Am, Em7, C with less effort.

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