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Legends Of Country Guitar – Legends In Concert

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. As a country chicken picker….. I kinda was hoping the show would be about Country Guitar pickers…. what was I thinkin? 🙂

  2. RONNIE Robbins . not johnny.

  3. mel tillis. he doesnt stutter when he sings …strange how the brain works

  4. I bet that guy regrets his stage clothing

  5. Was Mel Tillis the original singer of Ruby?

  6. I can hear this song all throught the night ,all throught the day, all throught the yeas and forever!!!!

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  8. good music that make us remember those days when music was all about party

  9. The one doing Marty Robbins Classic El Paso is his Son Marty Ronnie Robbins Jr.,not Johnny Robbins!

  10. I love the original country music

  11. Seeqs. I'm really glad to see it value ad hoc What's happening, gwys. 1!

  12. gud n raw,i love the naturalness of country

  13. Respect this is so good played real legend,.

  14. verry good song thanks

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  16. Life will never be the same
    To all who can relate to this song..
    Coming from my #Heart #Life #Reality #NotTheSame

  17. Digging the early Peavey amps.

  18. wow owow wow so nice song chill chill country song

  19. yeah, love me some country music!

  20. 2 minutes of freddy fender………….that's BS.

  21. best music around the globe.

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  23. I will have to go back in town and we can go ahead and send it out

  24. whats is name instrument of minute 16:00 ?

  25. I ,,  LOVE A  "  GOOD STEEL GUITAR  "   !!!!!

  26. I love modern country music but somehow you can't always beat just good old typical country music…. unfortunately in the UK we're only blessed with typical commercial country which is more like pop… one day Nashville here I come!!!! Oh and Boxcar I once saw him in my local town when i was 9 years old…. 30 years ago!!!!!! Thanks to my dad!!

  27. That's a good a good song.

  28. little bit disappointed they put Freddie Fender last and very short time to sing…
    love Freddie Fender..

  29. Fantastico country. …tutti artisti meravigliosi….i love? gli USA !!!!!

  30. Il grande Freddy Fender!

  31. Love NICK NIXON! Ron Meecey on guitar, Paul Nixon on Bass.

  32. Legends of Country Guitar – Legends in Concert
    Thank you . Wonderful

  33. Merle Haggard Merle Haggard Dolly Parton George Jones

  34. If you want to get a good idea of the people of any country just listen to their music. Irish folk music tells you all you need to know about that locquacious and belligerent race. Flamenco, the folk music of Spain, encapsulates the firey passion of that country.

    So what does this music tell us about America? That it has a great nostalgia for the past whose values it tries to emulate with songs of innocence and sincerity – though the innocence and sincerity is false and the lyrics not just childish but moronic.

    It is, like all things American, brash, brutish and banal and symptomatic of a country whose spirituality has degenerated into a form of nauseating show business.- slick, over-confident presentation bereft of content. It is little wonder the rest of the world views America as a monstrous sick joke.

  35. Boxcar s got a new fan he's really good.

  36. loved Boxcar Willie….the rest…not so much

  37. in 1980, I was 20 and I loved that wonderful music. I still love it

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