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Moonlight Sonata – classical guitar

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. Really good work. I started playing guitar on a classical, then I moved into rock because that's what I listen to. Now, 20 years later, I am going back to classical guitar because of the emotion. I love your interpretation of this piece. Thank you!

  2. Very well played .. and very smooth !

  3. I wonder about those 196 mother fuckers WHO gave 196 dislikes. Jealuse basterds.This man is a virtuoso guitarist. I have been playing classical guitar for 27 years, never Seen anybody play moonlight sonat like this. I congradulate him!

  4. Beautiful. Are you using your pinky finger on your picking hand?

  5. This is amazingly beautiful!
    I Love Moonlight Sonata. And you make me Love it even more. When I hear this and close my eyes I feel like taken to another galaxy. A Very Good Job. ?

  6. Is it really a classical guitar, it looks perfectly like my nylon-string acoustic one ??????

  7. Moonlight Sonata Suicide Recipe: This could be the soundtrack for your suicide, The best chance for slashing your wrists is from 4:20 to 4:44, After that the rest of the notes company you towards darkness.

  8. Very well played. You seem to have chubby fingers for a guitarist, I also have chubby fingers and it gives me a really hard time. You inspire me!

  9. I can not find the tablature on your website ;/

  10. Awesome, great performance
    I'm trying to learn it, I hope i could soon 🙂

  11. Absolutely Beautiful… Love your rendition.. May be too advanced for me, but willing to give it a try..   Now to findthe music   Thanks for sharing this !!!

  12. I loved it a lot, good job and I will be practicing this for a while

  13. Very very good mate what guitars do u use keep up the great playing and great YouTube channel cheers from Shropshire

  14. Beautiful…. I Love This Song!!
    Moonlight Sonata played on any instrument!!! This is done very well
    Thank You!! <3

  15. Thanks! Great performance

  16. Our 9 year old is just learning the simplified version of this on a guitar app and this is just amazing

  17. i think this is sounded so really nice ??✨ why it has 290 dislikes

  18. On interpretation, to each his own; however, I love your interpretation and play it this way also. There is some historical and musical evidence to support it.

    Looking at it historically, Beethoven was a terrible misanthrope who often fell in love with his young tutees. Musically, it is written in 4:4 so it looks innocent on paper for the paying and trusting fathers, whereas it is in fact compound duplemeter and to the ear is a waltz meant to romance.

    This song is about this love, secret, socially unacceptable, and unrequited love. There is no greater pain than this, and no more beautiful expression of it.

  19. won't take my hands off the guitar, till I can play this…. loving the melody, since i heard it for the first time when i was a child. very nice to here it right now.

  20. Awesome thank you. Childhood memories of my mother playing this on the piano.

  21. bravo you just added a subscriber! any classical musician knows that Bach transfers easily to many different instruments. but to transfer a beethoven Sonata to guitar and to do it so that it retains the richness, depth , colors and dynamics that it has when it's played on the piano…….wow!!!

  22. I dont understand the dislikes. This video is great.

  23. almost 300 dislikes?? wtf????? this is a masterclass

  24. Perfeito, pra mim essa é a música mais perfeita do mundo.

  25. i have been searching in youtube for a guitar version that most sounds like piano and yours is the best so far. when i say "sound like piano" i mean that the dynamics be played like a pianist usually does. of course the guitar doesn't have that massive sound but it can be done, to just close one's eyes and believe it's a piano playing, i believe it's all in the dynamics once the player masters the left hand. i'm a guitar player (sort of) and would really like to hear it played like that.

  26. Wonderfully done sir!!!! I'm not nearly at your level of ability but totally get how hard this is to play and to do it as smoothly as you do is testament to your skill!! Thank you!!! I also wanted to add that if there are any out there that are trying to learn this piece, as am I, there's a great tab on Ultimate Guitar Tabs for this……..it's the 3rd one down under Moonlight Sonata and it has 303 likes with a 5 star rating!! Again, I appreciate ya Nathan and keep doin' what you do sir!! 🙂

  27. TINA S of France plays it on the electric like no one on the planet!, Moonlight Sonata by her is pure Adrenalin on fire! Her version would definitely make Beethoven roll over. Oh and she does the cut at 16 years of age and yes I did say "she". Google her name and check her out.

  28. Nathan Cragg – your performance makes an incredible piece of art even more beautiful. Thank you!

  29. Beautiful playing! Do you have a link to the sheet music? I like the version you play and would love to learn it.

  30. excellent work. like many here, i am also currently working on this piece. it is insanely difficult to learn even for an advanced player. most will not appreciate the mastery you showed. bravo, sir.

  31. Oh god is this beautiful

  32. I am trying to learn this piece but, im having difficulties getting my fingers to stretch that far. any suggestions?

  33. Exquisitely and and hauntingly played…certainly one of the finest renditions of this piece I've ever heard. Thanks a million for recording and posting it. 🙂

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