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Playing Style

Learn to play different styles of music on guitar using video guitar lessons. Here, you will discover in depth techniques for playing each different style of music. The lessons listed in this section are easy to find and categorized by genre. Beginner to advanced and offering lessons are categorized by playing style.  Here you will find techniques for rock, jazz, blues, metal, country and more. Use the search tool in the upper right had corner to navigate by instructor, craft and also make your way through, from beginner to advanced tutorials listed here. Learn at your own pace.  Become versed in the basics first, then pick up more techniques and tricks taught in an easy to learn video-lesson format.

With practice and dedication, nothing will be able to stop your creativity.

Unleash the valid expression of your unique voice. Master the art of music and bring your own unprecedented creativity to life, and to light!

Playing Style


Video slow motion, zooming, and looping