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The Left Handed Right Handed Guitar Challenge!!

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. "Feel the pain of the beginner"…… lol, how quickly we forget!

  2. Just like throwing a ball with the opposite hand too, I suppose – your brain knows exactly what to do, but the body just won't listen. Even with all the knowledge of theory, chord shapes and technique, the body she no listen. Muscle memory is an amazing thing.

  3. Its so nice to see them struggling to play because they normally play really good ? #leftnoshreds

  4. I can play eruption left handed

  5. I'm a true-blue lefty and have played right-handed since my teens. rroblem I've found once you get to a certain stage is my weaker right picking hand can't keep up with my stronger and more coordinated left hand, the fretting hand. Really frustrating if you're trying to pick anything faster than SRV's Mary Had a Little Lamb, Led Zeppelin's Stairway. Done pretty much everything under the sun to improve right hand speed and two handed synchronisation e.g. , write and drum with both hands. Still 5% to 10% short of the speed required to shred fast on a right handed guitar. Always wondered if I'd be better off switching (at this late stage) to a lefty. Keep up the videos, fellas. Note, you guys have been practicing the lefty thing. And by my judgement you've practiced more than a little bit 🙂

  6. This was entertaining guys! Lol! Hah! Hey get that kid of that guitar. Now!!

  7. They play lefty better than I can righty

  8. still sounds better than me :/

  9. WAIT, So your telling me I can have a left handed BO DIDLY guitar? YESSSS!

  10. how much is that marshall amp set up in the back? straight amp goals right there.

  11. Luvvit! This is exactly how I sound normally! I guess I will have to reverse me guitar and balance on me head to improve…..

  12. Them playing left handed sounds like me playing normally??? dear god

  13. 24 minutes and 43 seconds later I have not regrets.

  14. the only video in which I felt good…… because I was better than the captain and the Chappers…. ??

  15. Sweet child of mine sounds better that way round. Kinda sounds like 12:51 by the strokes.

  16. Took me to 1:30 to figure out why the guitar looked funny

  17. i don't understand left handed guitars, i'm a lefty and i play a right handed guitar, my left hand is on the fretboard so that's the one that's doing all the work, right handed guitars are made for left handed people

  18. Nice to hear you guys playing jazz for a change!

  19. reversed Sweet Child Of Mine sounds like a Discipline-era King Crimson riff tbh

  20. Funny enough I just started "learning" guitar. I have music class and every time I get to play an instrument I go for the guitar and try and teach myself. I have to grab the left handed ones though as I am left handed. But when I was told I should try bass I wanted to try an electric bass but there were no left handed bass, so I said "I'll just do it anyway". So now I can play Left Handed Electric Guitars and Right Handed Bass Guitars. 🙂

  21. this is brilliant and hilarious

  22. if it's "sweet child of mine" backwards would it be called "sour parent of those"

  23. i been playing left handed for over 30 years , and i have been teaching myself right handed which is different but its doable not really hard but different

  24. I am left handed and shopping for guitars is very difficult because you don't get much choice and playing a righty left handed (depending on the guitar) can be really uncomfortable. rightys get an advantage

  25. The ghost of Jimmy Spandex is back! Along with Eric Crapton of course.

  26. im a lefty i learned how to play a right handed guitar upside down and backwards but prefer just lefty

  27. they killed it at the end fakers

  28. Being a lefty is frustrating. The selection sucks. You have to order from a limited selection instead of finding one that speaks to you. I live on a tiny island but traveled to Tokyo for a vacation and went into 10 large amazing stores. Only found 4 guitars to try. 2 were the same, and one I already had. Watching this made me feel better for sure. And the captain is totally right it's all the strumming hand. You have no rhythm and you can't fight it. Worst thing as a beginner was hearing guys say just learn right handed because you don't know anything. Doesn't work like that. The first day I restrung an acoustic lefty was the day I figured out I can actually see myself as someone who could learn to play. It's been a couple years and though I'm terrible it's really fun 🙂

  29. 10:28 was that supposed to be Holy Diver? If so, it's better than what I could ever do with it

  30. I'm a lefty but I play right handed guitars. I didn't think you guys would be this terrible! HAHAHA

  31. I'm left handed and I've played exactly that epiphany les Paul custom

  32. I'm actually a lefty, but I play right handed. Not flipped, just straight up normal right handed, which kinda ended up helping me out cause I'm stronger and faster with the left.

  33. Of all the vids you've done, this is by far my fave! Hilarity meets honesty though, I actually had to go try it (right handed upside down left) and I have to say – I don't ever remember guitar being this difficult in all my life. Thanx 4 all the laughs, and the extended bits on this video

  34. 10:58 this sound can be heard in every guitar shop ever

  35. Thanks for mentioning Eric Gales! I never knew anyone actually played the guitar like that!

  36. I kinda like the look of the fender flipped upside down.

  37. lol i was born left handed but in kindegarten i started writing with my right using scissors was confusing to. Now my handwriting is not the best my nephew had a guitar and i had to play it with my right. When i was in the military starting shooting with my left but trained to with my right. My sister noticed a few years back she you not left handed any more lol i said not since kindergarten

  38. that's why it's good to learn with both hands

  39. now you guys know how i feel whenever i go to places without my guitar lol

  40. Idea: The captain puts together a metal rig and Rob puts together a blues rig.

  41. its made me thinking that, thy normal playing abilities are, reflected in the asymmetrical interpretation so its like you in normal, pay same way the attention in control. and i would very much like to share exp and to join if a left hand supervision becomes useful for u, just drop me a mail if youd like…freakin fun that was

  42. how cool and totally useless would it be if you could play left and right handed

  43. When they flipped upside down I flipped my phone thinking it glitched.

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