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Top 5 Things Every Intermediate Guitar Player Should Know

Video slow motion, zooming, and looping

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  1. It's actually Barre chords. I know all of the things mention. The only thing I struggle with is identifying the tonic of a song. If there are in keys that I am familiar with in general I can tell what it is, but if it is in an obscure key or has an alternate tuning then it's hard for me to hear it out until I grab my guitar and find the sound to get the chord progressions.

    All in all, the nashville number system is beginner's music theory and learning chord progressions and the steps of a chord progression. The octave or the second "1" should be an entire step higher than the original tonic but since we are playing guitar it's kind of awkward to do that so we just play the original tonic chord. Hence 1-7 instead of 1-8

  2. I highly recommend david walliman
    he covers all aspects in a fairly unique way
    I have found there is something for everyone
    ps …..After learning chords and my favourite riffs and licks I learned major and minor intervals ….this opened up so many options and improved my playing and understanding dramatically 54

  3. Thanks for sharing! this was very helpful! I like how you gave a quick overview of each concept and then made available resources that would help learn more about them. Great job!

  4. Don't need to know your phd in guitar just play the thing and i am sure most people with a couple of functioning brain cells can tell if your any good or not

  5. Before you watch this video. I'll break it down for you. first three minutes, he blabs about how good of a teacher he is and some other boring shit. Then he says bar chords are a great thing for you to learn. Doesn't show you how to bar chords. Just plays a few and says a G shape bar chord doesn't feel right. After a minute of him talking about this crap he tells you to go to his website for better information. Wash, rinse, repeat for everything he says. 15 minutes of pure bull shit. The guy sounds like one of those weight loss advertisements that goes on for a half an hour vaguely telling you how these amazing 20 steps will help you be fit and ripped. Then at the very end….BAM pay me money and go to this site.

  6. Talks about nothing way too long, dude get to the point!

  7. List from 2:19 to 2:31. Skip the rest.

  8. I understand u need to promote your product but this whole thing was just a commercial. Start and end w your pitch but don't say it between everything u say. Had to stop midway. Ya lost me.

  9. You fucking prick you didn't explain how to find the tonic. Nothing you explained is useful without knowing the tonic. So you won't explain the tonic unless we pay for your course. Oh yeah we'll look up your credit score for free but it will cost you $19.95 a month to share that info with you. You are a prick and that is actually insulting to the male member. You are a used douche.

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  11. you can type also CAGED SYSTEM alone and youll find some very good free courses ….

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  13. Been everywhere, met everybody, done everything.

  14. Damn this beedy eyed prick likes to bore people into playing

  15. Too bad everyone who watched this video can't play guitar any more. They're playing harps.

  16. what a shady trash way to promote sales.

    How definitive can this shit be if you have to keep checking the list you wrote/

  17. nice the caged formation system, new to me and i like it!

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  19. Sir, a very good video for learners like us who are stucked in between the path.

    P.S. Keep it going, please.
    Thanks & Regards

  20. I hate to be so persnickety, but it is spelled barre chord. B-a-r-r-e. I figure since it's a lesson …..

  21. man you talk too much

  22. dont have time for this jibbajabber too much talking. rather play

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